How do I switch off/use my voicemail while abroad (and how much does it cost)?

How do I listen to my voicemail while abroad?
  • via the My BASE app
  • call  +32486191933 and enter your access code

Forgot your access code? Follow the voicemail instructions to receive your access code as a text.

How much do I pay for that?
  • in the EU zone? It costs the same as in Belgium.
  • outside the EU zone? You pay the tariffs for roaming outside Europe.
    Good to know:
     It costs nothing to receive a voicemail message while abroad.
How do I switch my voicemail off?
  • You can't switch off your voicemail while you are abroad. But don't worry: You pay nothing at all when a caller is redirected to your voicemail.
Good to know

When someone calls you and you don't answer, they go to your voicemail. This is free for you, even if you are abroad.
Note: calling back from your voicemail is not free.