What are the advantages of BASE mobile phone monthly plans?

At BASE, we offer various monthly plans so you can choose one that best suits your usage.

The advantages of a BASE monthly plan

All our mobile phone monthly plans have four big advantages:

  • Unlimited* calling and texting
  • Data Jump
  • Free Data Day
  • Out-of-plan limit

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Unlimited calling and texts

With our BASE monthly plans you always have unlimited* calling and texting to all numbers in Belgium and within the EU zone (but not from Belgium to international numbers).

Data Jump

No data wasted! Thanks to Data Jump, your unused data is carried over to next month.  When the new billing period starts, you use the carried-over data first and then the data for the current period.

Important: If you have not used your carried-over data by the end of the new billing period, you cannot carry it over a second time.

Free Data Day

Free Data Day means 24 hours of free data! And it's on BASE: The data you use on the first day of each month is not deducted from your plan.

Out-of-plan limit

Set a limit and keep your usage under control. €0, €5, €10... how much you spend beyond your monthly plan price is entirely up to you with the out-of-plan limit.

Compare our monthly plans

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