With BASE 0 you only pay what you use

Your advantage with a BASE 0 monthly plan

Monthly amount
€ 0

Mobile data
€ 0.10/MB

€ 0.25/MIN

SMS (texts)
€ 0.10/SMS

€ 0.10/MMS

€ 0.10/MMS

NEW: More GB on our plans!

Your BASE plan adapts to your needs

You decide what you want to use your monthly plan for each month. A lot of surfing, fewer calls. Great. The opposite the following month? Also great. You don't need to do anything as your monthly plan adapts automatically to your needs.

Take your budget to the next month

Each month you have a fixed amount in your mobile plan for calls, surfing and texting. And if you haven't used it by the end of the month? No problem, just carry what's left over to the following month**.

Small cost in case you go over budget

Are you using more than your monthly plan? Don't worry, you'll get the extra gigs and call time at the same advantageous rate as your monthly plan. And texts are unlimited* anyway, just like BASE to BASE calls.

Want to move to BASE?

You can count on all this:
  • Your mobile number will be transferred for free.
  • Your new SIM card will be in the post the first working day after you order it.
  • You can call our customer service day and night for free on 1999.

Always close to you

For all your questions or practical advice, do not hesitate to go directly to one of our BASE Shops in Belgium.

Make your life easy with the My BASE app

It's super simple to use and offers lots of practical day-to-day ways to monitor your consumption, activate your options, consult and pay your bill and much more.

Promotions conditions

Temporary promotion on BASE monthly plans of €15/month, €20/month, €29/month and €39/month: offer valid from 30/01/2024 until 13/03/2024. Under the condition of activation of the above BASE monthly plans, the customer benefits from a 25% discount on the monthly subscription fee for the duration of the subscription after activation. 
Offer reserved for new BASE customers 
The promotion is automatically applied to new customers during the confirmation of your order. 
Offer reserved for private customers who do not yet have a BASE monthly plan; customers with a BASE top-up card who want to switch to a BASE monthly plan or are coming from another operator, must not have had a BASE monthly plan for the same mobile number in the 3 months prior to subscription. This offer cannot be used combined with other offers and promotions, except with the BASE+TADAAM benefit. 
Offer reserved for existing BASE customers 
Existing BASE customers are also entitled to this discount, but only if they have been a BASE customer for more than 3 months and if they can introduce a new BASE customer for a mobile contract of €15/month, €20/month, €20/month or €39/month. The discount applies to current tariff plans. If the existing customer has a different tariff plan, they will be transferred to one of the above tariff plans. Providing these conditions are met, the existing BASE customer will receive a 25% discount on the monthly subscription fee in the case of a subscription of €20/month, €29/month or €39/month, and this for the entire duration of the contract. The discount and, where applicable, the transfer will be allocated and/or implemented automatically as soon as the new customer’s SIM card has been activated. This must be completed at the latest 30 days after purchase.  If the new customer cancels their subscription, the existing customer won’t be automatically migrated back to the original plan. If the base price of the subscription is increased, the promotional price will also increase by the same amount. 
The existing customer loses his monthly discount if he cancels his subscription, migrates to a €15 or lower rate plan, or if the customer he introduced cancels his subscription. Action for existing customer cannot be combined with other offers and promotions, except with the BASE+TADAAM discount. 

Special conditions of your BASE monthly plan
Data Jump: Non-used credit of your monthly plan will be carried over to the following month. The next month, you will first consume the unused credit of the previous month. Non-used credit may be carried over for one month only. In the event of a change in tariff plan or termination of the contract, the carried-over credit is not taken into account for pro rata invoicing/refund. The transferred credit expires upon assignment of the agreement by the customer. Unlimited calls to BASE: unlimited number of call minutes to BASE customers. Offer restricted to normal private use, as defined here.