Are you planning on
leaving BASE?

We're sorry to hear that but we wish you all the best. Are you not sure yet? Let's talk about it!

Do you want to cancel anyway?

Change easily

We're sorry to see you go, but we'd like to support you through this transition. Do you only have a monthly mobile plan? The change will take place when you take out your new monthly plan. Do you have internet and/or TV? Thanks to Easy Switch, your new service provider will take care of everything. Find out more about Easy Switch.

Need help?

Not sure how to proceed? Do you have any questions about cancelling? An urgent problem with BASE? Contact us by calling 1999 or +32 486 19 19 99 from abroad.

A few tips

Did you buy a handset at a discounted price via BASE?

Check whether you still have to pay a residual value on the repayment schedule you received when you bought your smartphone or on your bill/invoice.

Refund of call credit​

You can have your remaining call credit refunded to the account number of your choice. You have one month after the transfer of your number to make the request. This costs €5.

What do you do with your devices (modem, decoder, etc.)?

Have you cancelled your BASE monthly plans? Return your devices to us free of charge via PostNL. Read more