Moving? Follow four
simple steps!

Moving is a great adventure. But it also involves quite a bit of legwork. BASE makes it easier for you.

Moving your products is easy

Let us know your new address by calling 1999 (+32 486 19 19 99 from abroad) or by filling in this form.

Once we've received your new address, we'll send you a confirmation email. Are you a mobile customer only? Then you're all set. Do you have any other BASE products? Then you still have two steps to go.

To continue enjoying your BASE products, make sure you have everything you need at your new address. Follow this road map.

You've followed all the different steps, and everything is in order. You're all settled in your new home. Now relax and enjoy your BASE products.

What should I do with my devices?

You take with you

Always take with you the extra devices you have bought or rented through BASE with you. 


Bring your BASE TV box and any cables with you.

BASE Internet ?

Bring the BASE modem, BASE wifi booster(s) and other equipment connected to these devices with you.

You leave behind...

Always leave these devices behind at your old address.

Network splitters

Network splitters distribute incoming signals to your modem and TV(s). Leave them in place, along with the coaxial cable.