My new mobile BASE number does not work as a login

First, welcome to BASE!

Are you experiencing problems when logging on to Facebook, Itsme or a different online application? Unfortunately, that can happen. 

Why so?

Telephone numbers are sometimes recycled. We will set a telephone number that has been cancelled with BASE to inactive for a while. After that, we will make the number available again to a new customer.

If the previous owner of the number has not updated the number of his details with a different application, then the company to which you are attempting to log on will register a security issue. In that case, you cannot use your new number. 

And what do you do now?

Unfortunately, BASE cannot help you in this matter. It is the responsibility of the previous owner of the number to update the number in the various accounts.

However, you can contact the supplier yourself (e.g. Facebook or Netflix) to report the problem.

Good luck with your new mobile number!