All about the roles of a BASE login

The role you have for your BASE account determines what you can view and change on My BASE or in the My BASE app. Have you forgotten which role you have or exactly what you can view or change? We will be happy to explain it to you below!

What roles are there?

You are the contract holder if the BASE monthly plan is in your name. This role cannot be changed later; you will always remain linked to the monthly plan. As contract holder, you can change and manage things that an ordinary user cannot.

manager can do the same things as a contract holder, except the monthly plan is not in their name.

What can a contract holder/manager do?
  • Order new products
  • Change products
  • View bills/invoices
  • See usage of all the products
  • Swap SIM card for all the numbers
  • Change barring or limits on all the numbers
  • Activate mobile number
  • Invite users and change them to administrator
What can a contract holder/manager not do?
  • Listen to voicemail of numbers not linked to their login

Good to know: You can easily find the administrator's number on My BASE under ‘Contact details’. 

As a user, you can only view the usage and the data of the mobile numbers that are linked to your login. 

What can a user do?
  • See usage of linked mobile numbers
  • Activate a mobile number, if it is linked to your login
  • Swap SIM card for a linked number, except for a prepaid card
What can a user not do?
  • View non-linked products
  • View bills/invoices
  • Change products
  • Swap SIM card for a prepaid card

Why do I need to designate a manager?

In the event of a problem, we contact the manager of the BASE customer account. 

Tip: If your children are also BASE customers under your customer account, it is advisable to set one of the parents' numbers as manager. We will then contact him/her if there are any changes.

How can I change my role?

You may want to designate a new or additional manager or make an manager a user again. Only the administrator of the monthly plan can change these roles. 

Are you the manager? Go to My BASE and log in. Select Manage profile(s) and pick the profile you want to change: view/change profile > profile settings change profile role. You can then change an manager to a user, or vice versa.

Important: You cannot directly invite someone to be a manager. You must first invite them to be a user. Then you can change their role.