Out-of-plan limit: What is it and how does it work?

Do you incur a lot of extra charges on your bill or invoice from time to time? An unpleasant surprise, of course. With our out-of-plan limit, you decide how much extra you spend above your monthly plan price.

How to set your own limit?

You set the out-of-plan limit via My BASE or in the My BASE app.  Only a manager of a BASE account is able to set out-of-plan limits.

  • Open the app
  • Click More
  • Choose Out-of-plan limit and choose the maximum amount above your monthly plan that you wish to spend.
  • Your out-of-plan limit is immediately active.
  • Would you like to change? You can do that in the same way.
  • To switch off the limit, simply slide the button on the other side
  • In the customer zone, click on Limit your mobile usage, then Manage your out-of-plan limit.
  • Choose the maximum amount above your monthly plan that you wish to spend.
  • Would you like to change or switch off the limit? You can do that in the same way.

Which usage is blocked by this limit?

This is about a limit outside of your plan. It means that you are setting a limit on the costs that are not included in your monthly plan. You can continue using everything within your monthly plan as normal.

For example

You have BASE 20 and activate an out-of-plan limit of € 5. You purchase some tickets from De Lijn that cost a total of € 5 thereby reaching your out-of-plan limit.

Once you reach your limit...

  • ... you can no longer: call premium-rate numbers, pay for third-party services, incur other out-of-plan charges.
  • ... you can still: make calls and send texts, use the internet (provided you have not used up your data). Purchases through PayByMobile will also be blocked.

You can adapt or switch off the out-of-plan limit anytime in the My BASE app or on My BASE, with immediate effect!