Tips & tricks for easy calling, texting and browsing while abroad

First, you should know this ...

We included the roaming service when your number was activated. This allows you to call, text or browse via mobile Internet while abroad. If we did not, you were notified. Always check if you are connected to a network.

Do you often call from or to a specific country abroad? We have specific and attractive packs for that. Take a look at our interational tarrifs and save! 

Most mobile phones support 2G, 3G and 4G networks, but some older phones only support 2G.

A number of operators in other countries no longer offer a 2G network. You may therefore no longer be able to establish a network connection with these operators from your old mobile phone. What about your particular mobile phone? Use our handy tool to check (under Specifications > Networks).

Still want to make a connection? Set your mobile phone to manually search for another network in the country you are visiting. It will scan all the available networks and provide a list that shows whether each network supports 2G, 3G or 4G. Then you can select a different network.

Note: Sometimes you have to try manually several times before you get a connection.

Good to know: You can also switch to Wi-Fi, if your handset has this capability.

On holiday abroad? Everyone always enjoys that! But if you want to know if everything is good at home, you occasionally have to call your family in your home country. Making calls from abroad is a little different. You must always enter the country code before the number you want to call or text.

For example, you enter a Belgian mobile number like this: +32 486/xx.xx.xx.