How can I change my monthly plan?


You can change your BASE monthly plan whenever you want...

What do you need to keep in mind?

Do you currently have a monthly plan?

  • You won't be able to carry over any credit from your current monthly plan.

Do you currently have a prepaid card and want to take a monthly plan?

  • You can't carry over your free text messages and minutes to your new monthly plan. So it is best to use them up first.
  • Any remaining call credit on your prepaid card will be deduced from your monthly plan.

Do you currently have a smartphone on instalments? And...

  • are you switching to a more expensive monthly plan? Then you will continue to pay your contribution every month until your handset is fully paid off.
  • are you switching to a cheaper monthly plan? Then you may have to pay the remaining amount of your smartphone on the next invoice/bill. Check this in the depreciation table you received with the purchase of your smartphone

The first invoice/bill after your switch may look somewhat different. This is because you will pay part of your previous monthly plan, part of your new monthly plan and your new monthly plan for the coming month.