Buying a bus or a tram ticket from De Lijn via SMS

You can purchase your bus or tram ticket for De Lijn conveniently via SMS. Text DL to 4884 before you board. Shortly thereafter you will receive a confirmation SMS that serves as your ticket.

Good to know

  • You can type DL in upper or lower case letters. Spaces are also accepted.
  • Texts to this number that contain typos or other messages will be ignored. You will then receive a free SMS with an error message.
  • An SMS ticket is not valid for the night lines in Antwerp. That is a decision of the City of Antwerp.
  • Do you have an Android device and trouble sending a paying text? Check Settings > Use premium text message services whether you’ve enabled this. 

How long can you travel with an SMS ticket?

  • Your ticket is valid for 1 hour after receipt of the confirmation SMS.
  • When the hour has expired you can purchase a new ticket via SMS to travel further.
  • During this period you may transfer, without worrying about the zones.

What does it cost?

You pay € 2.65 for a De Lijn SMS ticket. This doesn't include the cost of the SMS

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