How can I get more mobile data on my prepaid card?

First a little info...

When you top up online for at least €10, you get extra mobile data for use in Belgium with every top up.

Have you used up your free data?

When your data is used up, you pay per MB. That's not cheap. So top up as soon as possible!

You can also activate the Extra Data option. This allows you to get more data by paying it with your remaining call credit.

Activate your Surf & Mail option in your customer zone or via SMS:

  • text SURF25 (€25 for 8GB) to 1914
  • text SURF15 (€15 for 4GB) to 1914
  • text SURF10 (€10 for 2GB) to 1914

The option expires automatically after 30 days. Want to keep using it? Then you need to reactivate it again by either topping up for at least €10 or by buying a new Extra Data option.