How can I fix network and reception problems on my mobile phone?

The BASE network covers 98% of Belgium. But sometimes a temporary situation, such as work to improve the network, can disrupt the good reception.

Why do I have a network problem?

There are various factors that influence the quality of a network:

  • Indoors or outdoors: The reception is always better outdoors.
  • Smartphone: Not every handset provides the same reception quality.
  • Peak in the number of users: When the network becomes overloaded, the quality will deteriorate.
  • Distance to GSM tower: The closer to a GSM tower, the better the reception.
  • Weather conditions: Poor weather can cause interference.


A good solution: calling via 4G and Wi-Fi. Learn all about it!

What is the best thing I can do when I experience network problems?

Sometimes your smartphone simply needs a system update.

  • In your smartphone settings, check whether the latest update has been installed.
  • Turn your smartphone off and restart it.


Are you still having the same problem? Contact us and be sure to let us know.

Our technical service staff will do all they can to solve your problem quickly and correctly. To do this, they need some specific information: 

  • What are you having trouble with?
  • Calling, texting or browsing? Describe the problem and, if applicable, the error message you see (on the screen or during a call).
  • Does this happen often, or just now and then?
  • When did you have this problem?
  • Where do you have this problem? Do you experience the problem at various locations or just in one particular location?
  • Are you indoors, outdoors or on the move (car/train/bus)?
  • Which brand and type of handset do you use?
  • What is the best way for us to reach you?


Important: If the problems are caused by the network, we may not be able to contact you on your mobile number. So don't forget to provide another contact number.

When you are abroad, you use the network of an operator that BASE has an agreement with. First, try restoring the network on your device (steps explained above).  

Are you still having the same problem? Then be sure to contact us. Our customer service representative will need the following information to help you: 

  • Which foreign network are you currently using?
  • Have you already tried to set the network manually?

When a network problem occurs, we always try to inform our customers as soon as possible via SMS or by posting a message on the homepage. If you have not received a message and there is no announcement on, it could be that we are not aware of the problem. In that case, please contact us.