Personalized services

Do you have a handicap? Discover what BASE has to offer you here!

1) Handy tariff plans

Interested in BASE? Here you can learn which tariff plans are most suitable for you. 

All our monthly plans include unlimited* calling and text messages to all networks.

Do you want more mobile data? With BASE 39 you also enjoy unlimited mobile internet.

Still prefer a prepaid card? With BASE, you make free calls to BASE numbers even with a prepaid card.

Each monthly plan includes data to surf every month. Do you still have unused data at the end of the month? You can trnasfer them to the next month thanks to Data jump. No more waste! Our montly plans also offer the browsing tarrifs. 

Want even more mobile data? With BASE 39 you enjoy unlimited internet, no matter where you are.

Do you still prefer a prepaid card? You also enjoy unlimited calling to BASE numbers with our prepaid cards. Moreover, you can exchange call credit for more data at any time!

Social tariff

The government decided that from 1 March 2024, you can no longer apply for a new mobile social tariff discount. Are you already a BASE customer with a social tariff? You can keep your current tariff discount, subject to certain conditions. Read what to do.

Contact emergency services

A handy summary of important emergency numbers, via landline and mobile telephone (including for ‘silent’ calls).

Medical emergency services: Free
100, 112

Fire brigade: Free
100, 112

Police: Free
101, 112

Civil defence: Free
100, 112

112 will become the only emergency number. For now 100 and 101 can still be used.

Poison information centre: Free
070 24 52 45

Suicide prevention: Charges apply

Listening service: Charges apply

Child helpline: Free

Child Focus: Free
116 000