Social tariff

From 1 March 2024, the social tariff in the telecom sector will be replaced by a social internet offering and no new applications for a social tariff can be made for other products. This was a governmental decision and therefore applies to all operators. The social tariff discount for mobile can therefore no longer be applied for from 1 March. From then on, there is only a social internet offering.

Are you already a BASE customer with a social tariff?

Existing BASE customers (who already had the social tariff from before 1 March) can continue to use their current product with discount, subject to certain conditions. 

In the following situations, you will lose the social tariff discount. 

  • You choose a different product (e.g. from BASE 20 to BASE 29). 
  • Your transfer the monthly plan to someone else.
  • You move house.
  • You opt for another operator's new social internet offering. More information about this can be found here.