How to manage your cookie preferences

What are cookies?

Cookies are small files that are placed on your computer, tablet or smartphone when you visit a website or use a mobile app. The cookie files contain unique codes that allow your browser to recognize you so that, for example, our websites can identify you the next time you visit.

In other words: it's as if the website you visit assigns you a unique label based on what you look at on the site.  During future visits the website uses that label (if you have indicated it may do so, in your preferences) to show you content that may interest you (based on information about your previous visits). 

More information about the types of cookies we use can be found in the BASE cookie policy.

Cookie banner

During your first visit to our website you see a cookie banner. Then you have the choice:

  • If you click ‘Accept recommended cookies’, you are allowing all cookies to be placed.
  • If you click the ‘Change cookie preferences’ link, you can choose which cookies you want to allow. Category 1 cannot be changed.
  • Once you have made a choice, the cookie banner will not be shown during future visits to the website (unless the cookie policy changes, in which case you will be asked for your permission again).
  • If you do not do anything, the cookie banner remains visible even during your next visit to the website. Until you make a choice, only cookies from category 1 are placed. We need your prior permission for all other categories.
Changing cookie preferences

You can always change your cookie preferences via the ‘Cookie preferences’ link in the footer (at the bottom) of the website. A description of what cookies are, why they are used, who the creator is and how long they last can be found in the cookie policy.