Phishing pop-up: what now?

Fraudsters have various ways they try to trick you into giving them your details. Ever more frequently they are doing this via pop-ups, which appear to be from well-known companies, such as BASE.  Pop-ups like these appear suddenly when you browse to a popular website. They may announce that you have won a contest and that you are eligible for a free smartphone, for example. They say all you have to do is provide your details or complete a brief survey. Don't ever fall for this! 

How can you recognize such a pop-up?

Naturally these phishing pop-ups don't all look the same, but they often contain elements which should tip you off. The fraudsters ...

  • use the name of a familiar company;
  • say that you have won (or can win) something;
  • and ask you to click a link or fill in information.


A few examples ...

What should you do if you encounter such a pop-up?

  1. Never just casually click a link in a pop-upTip: Are you uncertain whether the contest is real? Then look on the official website of the supposed organizer.
  2. Report it to verdacht@safeonweb.beProvide more information about the content of the pop-up (preferably with a screenshot) and the website you saw it on. Safe On Web can then investigate further.
  3. Also report it to abuse@telenetgroup.beWe cannot take any legal action, but we will do all we can to block the pop-ups. To do this, send us a screenshot (or all the info in the pop-up) and the website you saw it on. Please also let us know which browser and operating system (and version) you were using.
  4. Did you enter your bank details? Then phone Card Stop immediately to block your bank card and file a report with the police. You should also contact your bank to warn them and check that nothing has disappeared from your account.