Activate your new SIM card

Have you received your SIM card? Then it's best to activate it as soon as possible. Only then you can use it to call, text and browse the net. You can activate it in various ways.

Activate your SIM card …

After your purchase, we sent you an e-mail with the following subject: “Your BASE SIM card is on its ways”. Open the mail and click on the link. You will land on the activation page where some of information will already be pre-filled. Fill in the rest of the requested information and follow the steps on the screen. You will also need your order number. You can find it in the different e-mails we sent. 

Didn’t you find the mail? Make sure to check your spam box. Still nothing? Then contact us.

Are you new to BASE, or don't you use the My BASE app yet? Download it, it’s free! Just select at start-up that you want to activate a SIM card.

Are you already a My BASE app user? Go to My profile > More. There you'll find a link to activate your SIM card.

Activate your SIM card online and enter your details:

  • Order number: You'll find it in all the emails you received after you ordered your SIM card.
  • Mobile number:
    • Did you keep your old number? Then enter your current mobile phone number here.
    • Did you take a new number? Then enter your new mobile number. You'll find it on the SIM card holder to which your new SIM card is attached, as well as in the welcome letter or emails you received from us after ordering your SIM card.
  • Your SIM card number: You can find this on the SIM card itself, as well as on the SIM card holder. If you're already a BASE customer and ordered a new line, you'll also find the SIM card number in the My BASE app or on My BASE.

What about after activation?

Did you choose to keep your mobile number? Normally, you should receive an SMS from your old operator within 10 minutes. As soon as the network drops out, insert the new SIM card in your handset.

Did you take a new number? You can place your SIM card in your handset straight away and start using it. 

For prepaid cards

Did you choose a prepaid card without start voucher? Then top up your prepaid card straight away. Only then can you use it to text, call and browse the net.

Do you already have a voucher with a top-up code? Redeem it directly here.  

Tip: Do you have a prepaid card from your current operator? Then use up your remaining call credit before you activate your SIM card. That way you won't lose it.