Mobile phone lost/stolen or just found back: what now?

Have you lost your phone or do you think it might have been stolen? Then, It is best if you block your SIM card as quickly as possible.

First ...

You can block your SIM card

Good to know: We can block your handset by using the IMEI number. The IMEI number appears on the packaging and on the inside of your handset (15-digit serial number).

And then...

You can easily buy a multi-SIM card online or activate a new eSIM.


  • Blocking your line is not a cancellation of your mobile contract. As a result, your monthly plan remains active.
  • What if someone else uses your handset in the meanwhile? Unfortunately, there is little we can do about this. It is in your best interest to block your card immediately as soon as you notice the loss. 

Hooray, I just found my phone again!

Have you found back your phone? That's great! 

Unblock your SIM card yourself on My BASE. We can also help you do it.