Your first invoice/bill as a new customer

New monthly plan or changed monthly plan? Then your first bill/invoice is a bit higher than expected. That is because – this one time only – you are paying for two different periods. Let us explain.

Your first bill/invoice

With your new monthly plan, you can start calling, texting and using mobile internet straight away. Approximately seven days after you become a customer, you will receive your first bill/invoice. It includes not only the normal monthly plan costs for the next month but also your usage for those first few days (transition period). 

This first time only, we calculate this on a prorated basis: we take you usage for a full month (30 or 31 days) and convert it to seven days. Therefore, your first bill/invoice is a bit higher than expected.

Your €29 monthly plan includes 22 GB of data per month. Converted, that is 0.7 GB of data per day. So during the seven-day transition period before your first bill, you can use approximately 4.9 GB (0.7 GB x 7 days). The price of your monthly plan for those seven days is also prorated (€29 / 31 days = €0.93 per day for 7 days).

Your subsequent bills/invoice

On your subsequent bills/invoices, you simply pay your monthly plan price for the next month plus any additional usage (bus tickets, parking tickets or other out-of-plan purchases).

Good to know

  • Wondering why the transition period is approximately seven days? That's simply the processing time we need at BASE to create your bill/invoice in our systems.
  • The date you ordered your monthly plan determines your billing date. Example: You order your monthly plan on 16 November. Then your billing date will fall on November 24. You will then get your bill/invoice every month around the 24th. 
  • You can find your latest bills/invoices on My BASE or in the My BASE app