Voicemail: How does it work?

When you buy a new smartphone or receive a new sim card, you have to configurate your voicemail for the first time. This means: activate your voicemail, personalize your greeting and, if needed, listen to your messages.

Configurate your voicemail

Call 1933 to activate your BASE voicemail. Follow the instructions to create your access code and record your greeting.

Enter your access code to change the settings for your voicemail or record a new greeting. Forgot your access code? Then press ** to receive your access code via SMS on your mobile phone. 

Did someone leave a message?

  • As an iOS user, you will receive a notification in the My BASE app.
  • Are you an Android user? Then you can listen to your voicemail directly from the My BASE app.

You can also call 1933 to listen to your voicemail for free in Belgium.  

Have you listened to all your messages? Then you can save (max. 30) them, forward them or erase them. 

Press # to automatically call back the person who called you (this only works if the number is not hidden). 

You are not using your voicemail at the moment? Then you can deactivate it.

Dial the following access code (as if you were calling someone): #002#. Then press the calling button. A confirmation message should appear on your screen.

What if you are abroad?

What's free and what's charged?

When someone calls you and you don't pick up, they go to your voicemail. This costs you nothing, even if you're abroad.

Note: Forwarding a message or calling someone back via your voicemail, for example, is not free.

How to listen to your voicemails abroad?

The easiest and fastest way is to do this via the My BASE app.

Alternatively, you can call +32486191933. You want to listen to your voicemail messages...

  • in the EU zone? Then you pay the same tariffs as for a regular call in Belgium.
  • outside the EU zone? Then you pay the tariffs for roaming outside Europe for your call.

Need a little more time to pick up?

When someone calls you, they are redirected to your voicemail after 15 seconds. You can change this default ringing time so you have more time to pick up the phone.

  • Enter the following code in your mobile phone (as if it were a telephone number): **61*+32486191933**number#. Number can be 5, 10, 15, 20, 25 or 30 seconds.
  • Press Call. A message appears on your screen as confirmation.