Can I block incoming or outgoing calls?

There are four ways you can block calls or SMSes:

  • Outgoing calls and SMSes: You can receive calls and SMSes, but you cannot place calls or send SMSes.
  • Incoming calls and SMSes: You can place calls and send SMSes, but no one can call you or send you SMSes.
  • Outgoing international calls and SMSes: You can receive international calls and receive SMSes, but you can only call and SMS Belgian numbers.
  • Outgoing international calls and SMSes while abroad: While abroad you can only place calls and send SMSes to Belgian numbers and numbers in the country you are visiting.

You can also block MMSes, mobile data and international calls on My BASE or in the My BASE app

How do you activate one or more of these blocking services?

You can do it easily yourself on My BASE: go to "Limit your mobile usage" and block the services you do not want to use in the menu.

You can also block calls, MMSes and data usage in the My BASE app.