Learn all about third party services

Third party services are services provided by external suppliers, which you pay for via your BASE bill/invoice.

A few examples?

  • When you download games or applications via online shops such as Google Play Store, Apple App Store, PlayStation Store, Microsoft Store, …
  • When you buy in-game or in-app content
  • When you vote or respond to a poll on TV or radio programmes
  • When you purchase an SMS ticket for public transportation (e.g. De Lijn) or use GSM parking (eg. 4411.be)

These services are provided by third parties. 

Because these services are provided by external suppliers (i.e. not BASE), they also establish the tariffs. We simply collect the amount, including VAT, and transfer it directly to them.

Good to know: Both in the My BASE app and on My BASE you can choose to block third party services. 

Good to know: Third party services are regulated by law. Learn more about these regulations

There are three types of third party services:  


  • Premium SMS or ‘PSMS’

Premium SMSes are paid SMSes (e.g. GSM parking or SMS ticket from De Lijn). The service provider (i.e. not BASE) sets the price of premium SMSes. The prices may also change over time. To activate them, you send a keyword to a short code or number.

For example, you send DL (keyword) to 4884 (short code/number) to purchase an SMS ticket from De Lijn via your smartphone.

Here is a list of the short codes and their maximum prices: 

  • Premium voice or special numbers

Premium voice or ‘special numbers’ are paid numbers. The maximum costs for calls to premium voice numbers are established by law. Here is a list of the numbers: 

Good to know: In the My BASE app and on My BASE (Your usage settings) you can choose to block certain series of special numbers. Make sure not to block the numbers in the 8xxx-series. Otherwise, you'll miss out on useful, free text messages from, for example, your bank or your dentist's messaging service to remind you of your appointment.

Thanks to our handy tool, you can look up the price of some special numbers in the blink of an eye.  


  • PayByMobile

Thanks to PayByMobile, you can make online purchases for limited amounts (up to a maximum of €300/month). Pay for your Apple Music, Netflix or Spotify subscription, buy an e-book and much more! With PayByMobile you no longer need a credit card or card reader.

Good to know: You can manage your settings for PayByMobile via your My BASE app or on My BASE. Set a monthly limit to avoid surprises. 

Want to know more about PayByMobile? Read all about it in our FAQ ‘PayByMobile: What is it and how does it work?’

On your BASE bill/invoice, you will find third party services under the heading ‘Third party services (*)’. There you will find a list of the third party services you pay for via your BASE bill/invoice.

  • Activation

To receive messages from some services, you must subscribe. You can activate this service via the internet or by sending an SMS to the short number from your mobile phone. If you register via the internet, your registration will always be confirmed by SMS.

  • Deactivation

Premium SMSes: You use a code from the service provider. Have you sent the code? Then the service is activated, if it concerns a subscription. You can also send 'stop' to the service provider that sends you paying messages. The service provider is then obliged to discontinue the services.

Premium voice numbers: As soon as you call the special number (e.g. a 090 or 070 number) your service or call is added to your bill/invoice. You cannot be called by 090x numbers; it's against the law in Belgium.

  • Premium SMSes & premium voice numbers (special numbers)

In the My BASE App ('More') or on My BASE you can choose to block certain series of premium voice numbers or categories of premium SMSes. To do so, go to your usage settings on My BASE. 

  • PayByMobile

Do you want to block PayByMobile? You can do so in the My BASE app ('More' > 'Block a service') or on My BASE (‘View and manage your PayByMobile’). Untick PayByMobile and click ‘Save’.

Important: Have you never paid for anything with PayByMobile before? Then you can't set a limit or block it. This option is only shown after your first purchase.

Want to know more about PayByMobile? Then be sure to read our FAQ