Conditions - Monthly plans

The BASE rates include VAT and are subject to the general terms and conditions and special terms and conditions of Telenet Group NV/SA. They are reserved for personal and private use only. After the first minute, you will be charged per second. Any included minutes from BASE to BASE are only valid for use within Belgium. Any other included minutes and text messages are applicable for use within Belgium (to Belgian numbers) and the EU zone (to numbers within the EU zone). Any included mobile data are applicable for use within Belgium and the EU zone, unless in the context of an unlimited offer mobile data offer (in which case consumption in the EU zone exceeding a certain volume may be charged in additionally). The international rates can be found here. Calling and texting to special numbers, as well as the use of third-party services, is not included; this usage will always be charged on top of any credit and/or bundles. To find out the rates for calls to special numbers (070, 0900, 1207,...), please contact us via support or call 1999 via BASE (free in Belgium) or +32 (0)486 19 1999 via any other network (subject to charge).

Monthly plans for individuals are without fixed term contract. You may terminate your contract at any time.

Special conditions for BASE monthly plans with Data Pack

Insofar as they are not deviated from in these special terms and conditions, the BASE general terms and conditions shall apply to this campaign.

Valid for existing BASE customers who have had a subscription for minimum 4 months, without payment arrears (who have paid the last 4 invoices). For new BASE customers (who were neither postpaid BASE customer in the 4 months preceding the acceptance of the offer). The campaign is not valid for numbers transferred from other operators or new numbers.

Providing a BASE subscription with Data Pack is activated, the customer will be granted the notified discount on the purchase price of the device, subject to payment by direct debit and acceptance of a 24-month depreciation plan.

The device must be paid for with a bank card or credit card and the BASE subscription and Data Pack via direct debit.

In the event of termination of the Data Pack by the customer, cancellation of the direct debit or a switch to a lower Data Pack within 24 months, BASE reserves the right to reclaim the residual value of the discount on the device. The Data Pack will automatically be terminated after 24 months.

If the customer fails to settle the residual value and has not responded to a written reminder requesting a settlement term, BASE shall be entitled to consider the unit misappropriated and legally and without any compensation can block the device. Where applicable, BASE shall unblock the unit immediately after payment of the residual value of the discount on the purchase price and transfer ownership of the unit to the customer. Campaign limited to one unit per BASE subscription. No other existing depreciation plans shall be accepted as part of a campaign in combination with a Data Pack, unless the residual value of a discount obtained with respect to a previous device promotion is repaid (via settlement on the next bill).

In the event of suspicion of fraud or misuse of the campaign, BASE shall be entitled to retract this offer immediately.

Special conditions for options

World Internet options

The amount of the selected Internet World option will be automatically added to your bill each month. The rates are only valid abroad with one of the partner networks. Once you have used up your included data volume, the data traffic beyond that volume will be charged at the standard tariff applicable to the zone in which you are located from 22/07/2019.


To benefit from 5G you have to be in an area with BASE 5G network coverage. To use 5G, you need a compatible 5G device.