All about the manager of a BASE account

Whether you are manager or user determines what your can view and change on My BASE or via the My BASE app.

Discover who the manager of your BASE account is on My BASE under 'Manage your profile(s)'. 

Good to know: read more about how to modify the manager of a BASE account

As manager you can do the following for all your numbers:

  • view the usage and set usage limits;
  • addremove options;
  • change the monthly plan or prepaid card.

In addition, you are the only one who can view and pay bills / invoices and manage/bring modifications to your account.

As user you can:

  • view your personal usage only;
  • view your monthly plan, prepaid card and options but not change them.

Good to know:

  • Do you only have one number in your BASE account? Then you are, of course, the manager.
  • As manager, you can manage the profiles of other users on My BASE. Only the manager can  make someone else a manager as well.
  • When any changes are made, we always contact the manager's number.