Can you transfer free minutes and texts to the next month?

Call credit and text messages

All BASE monthly plans we currently offer include unlimited* calls and sms to all networks. This is why no call credit or text messages need to be transferred: you get these unlimited again at the start of every new billing period! 

Data Jump

All BASE monthly plans we currently offer also include Data Jump. But what is it exctly? Thanks to Data Jump, you transfer your unused data to the next month. So, more surfing and less waste!

Good to know: this is valid for the BASE monthly plans we currently offer. 

Note: Data can only be carried over once. You will automatically use the carried over data first during the new billing period (and only then the data from your current billing period). You still haven't used up at the carried over data the end of that new billing period? Then you can't carry it over a second time

With the old €15 BASE monthly plan you also benefit from Data Jump, but in a slightly different way. If you have an amount left at the end of the month, it's carried over. 

An example…

You have the old €15 BASE monthly plan and at the end of the month you have only used €10.

  • That means you still have €5 of your monthly amount left over. This amount is automatically carried over to the next month, so you start the new billing period with €20.
  • First you use the remaining €5. Only then do you start using the new monthly amount.

Good to know: The remaining amount from a particular month can only be carried over one time. This means that if the amount remaining from last month hasn't been used up at the end of this month, you can't carry it over again.

Do you have a different monthly plan? Then it works a bit differently at the end of the month. 

  • You can't carry over your remaining amount to the next month.
  • Every month you start over with your full number of minutes, texts and data.

Do you want to enjoy the benefits of our newest montly plans, like unlimited calls and Data Jump? Then you can easily switch plans on My BASE or in the My BASE app