Limit/switch off international roaming

Do you want to prevent extra costs while abroad? Then limit or switch off your roaming. You can do this easily in My BASE or in the My BASE-app

Limit or switch off roaming

You can switch off roaming completly or limit it to €60,50 above your monthly plan price in different ways: 

  • in My BASE: click Limit your mobile usage > Barrings > Roaming. 
  • In the My BASE-app: click More > Out-of-plan limit and blockings > From abroad.

Select your option and save your change. 

Note: If you completely disable roaming, you can no longer be reached while abroad. If someone calls you, they will go directly to your voicemail.

When you have reached your limit, you will temporarily no longer be able to browse via mobile internet. You will then receive a text message to warn you that we have temporarily blocked your mobile internet. If you want to continue browsing, respond by text with DATAROAMINGCONTINUE or change your limit in the customer zone or the My BASE app

In the customer zone

In the My BASE app

Good to know

Would you prefer setting a limit lower than €60,50 above your monthly plan price? Then activate an out-of-plan limit. This way, you select the amout (€0, €5, €10, €20 or €50) you want to set as limit when you go out of plan. 

Important: the out-of-plan limit doesn't only apply to your usage (SMS's, calls and data), but also to your purchases via your BASE bill, tird-party services and PayByMobile.  

More info about the out-of-plan limit.

Switch off data roaming on your handset

You can temporarily disable mobile internet (data roaming) in your handset's settings. Consult the manual for your handset for more info.

Good to know: In the EU zone, you pay the same for your mobile usage as in Belgium. More info about roaming tariffs.

Use an eSIM of a foreign operator

Do you want an eSIM from a foreign operator? That's no problem with dual SIM! Turn off the BASE eSIM on your handset and turn on the other operator's. Consult the manual for your handset.