What are international calls and roaming?

International calls or texts are ones from Belgium to other countries. Specific international tariffs apply, depending on the country you are calling or texting to.

Roaming is just the opposite: you are out of the country and make a call, send a text or use mobile data. Today you no longer pay any roaming charges for your mobile usage in the EU zone. You call, text and use mobile internet in all EU countries for the same price as at home.

Specifically, this means...

  • Within the EU zone, you can use your included minutes, texts and data. 
  • If you have minutes from BASE to BASE, they will still only be valid in Belgium. 
  • How about when you call or text from Belgium to an EU country? The international tariffs will still apply.

Tip: Do you often call from or to a specific country abroad? We have specific and attractive packs for that. Take a look at our interational tarrifs and save! 

And outside the EU?

When you text, browse or call from a country outside Europe, Switzerland, Monaco and Jersey, then you still pay the international tariffs.

Good to know: Switzerland, Monaco and Jersey are not part of the EU zone.

Good to know

Some EU countries are taking down their 2G and 3G networks. But by now you can also call via 4G or WiFi.  Do you have an older telephone that does not support the new technologie? Then calling and texting will no longer be possible in those countries. BASE can't influence on this situation. More information and an overview of all devices supporting this can be found on our website

Don't forget to use the country code (+31, +33,...) when you call to a foreign number or from abroad to a belgian number (+32).