Refund of remaining call credit

Have you decided to switch to a different operator? We're sorry you're leaving us and hope you'll come back soon.

Are you transferring the telephone number for your prepaid card to a different operator? And do you still have unused call credit on your prepaid card? Then we can transfer that amount back to you.


  1. Enter your telephone number.
  2. You will receive a code via SMS to verify that it is your number.
  3. Send us your bank account number and we will do the rest.
Terms and conditions
  • We must receive your request within one month after the transfer of your number.
  • Your number must still be active.
  • Refunds are only made via a bank account number. Never cash!
  • We charge an administrative fee of €5 for the refund.
    • If you still have €12 call credit, for example, we will transfer €7 to you.
    • If your remaining call credit is less than €5, you will not receive any refund.