I can no longer call anyone. What now?

Can you still receive calls, but you can no longer make calls yourself? Then it may be that your outgoing calls have been blocked due to an unpaid invoice/bill. We will unblock your mobile line as soon as we receive your payment.

Important: We unblock your line as soon as possible after your payment. It often takes several days before we receive your payment and can make your line available again. To be able to make calls again as quickly as possible, it is best to pay your invoice/bill online.

You can pay via...

  • via the My BASE app or the My BASE: You can pay your outstanding bill/invoice there and check your last bill/invoice.
  • via bank transfer: You will find the payment details on your bill/invoice. 

Tip: Simplify things for yourself and choose the option of direct debit. Your payment is made automatically, preventing late payments.