Check/pay my outstanding account balance

How can I check my outstanding account balance?

Check your account balance:

  • Via the My BASE app, under the menu option "Billing".
  • Under "My invoices/bills" on My BASE.
  • Calling with another number which is not from BASE? Then dial 0486 19 19 99. Don't forget the countrycode for Belgium (+32) if you're calling from abroad.
  • Text "PAY" to 1914 to look up if you have any outstanding account balance. For more information about your remaining call credit, send "CONSULT" to 1914. Note: This service is only available for private customers.
How can I pay my outstanding account balance?

Tip: Have you already thought of a direct debit? This way you no longer have to worry about your invoice/bill and your bank will automatically arrange the payment.

You can pay your invoice/bill online via My BASE (Pay an invoice/a bill) or the My BASE app (My invoices/bills). 

You can't find the button? If you pay your invoices/bills via direct debit, payment is made automatically.

Do you choose to pay by bank transfer? You will also find the payment details and account number on your invoice/bill.
Below the details you need:

  • For the structured remittance information please use the reference shown on your invoice/bill.
  • IBAN: BE15 0018 3201 2930

Note: If you enter a future execution date, keep in mind that this is not the same as the due date for the invoice/bill. Therefore, to prevent your line from being blocked, enter a future execution date that is at least two days prior to the due date.

Did you know that…

In addition to paying your own invoice/bill, you can also pay someone else'sJust enter the mobile number you want to pay for and the amount to be paid.

Want to know more about your first invoice/bill?