How do you read and pay your BASE bill?

Have you just received your first bill or recently changed plans? Then you may have some questions. Here you will find everything you need to know about your first BASE bill or your first bill after changing plans.

Open the My BASE app on your smartphone. 


  • Click 'Invoicing' in the menu.
  • Then click 'Pay outstanding balance' and select a payment method. 


Good to know: You can view your last 14 bills via ‘View all your bills’ under the ‘Invoicing’ menu option.  

Log into My BASE. 

  • Click 'Pay bills'. There, you can view and download your last 14 bills.
  • You can pay them straight away via the ‘Pay now’ button. Select a payment method and pay your bill in seconds.

The most important things first

The top section of your bill contains the most important information:

  • your customer account (1) and login or mobile number (2)
  • your customer account number (3)
  • the reference (structured remittance information) to be used for the payment (4)
  • the due date for the payment
  • the total amount, VAT included

What are the various components on your bill?

This is where you will find all the details (amount, reference) for making your payment as well as BASE's bank details (bank account number).

On the second page of your bill you see a detailed overview of your products, services and usage.

Monthly plans and usage

In this section you see an overview of your monthly plan (mobile, internet and/or TV) and the monthly amount you pay for them for next month. If you have a discount, it is deducted here.  

You will also find a general overview of your usage (calls, texts , data (GB) etc.)
for the past period. If you had usage beyond your mobile plan or purchased
additional volume for fixed internet, that extra usage appears here too.

Third-party services

These are services provided by external providers (e.g. bus or parking ticket, games, paid apps, online purchases, PayByMobile etc.).  

If you made purchases via your BASE bill, you will find them under third-party services on your bill.  

Read more about third-party services.

First you see the total amount for this bill.

Carried-over bundle

This section shows how much data (GB) or other bundles you carried over to the next month, for example thanks to Data Jump.

Here we give you some useful tips concerning your bill.

How do you pay your bill?

Request direct debit payment quickly and easily in the My BASE app or via your My BASE. Payments will then be deducted from your bank account automatically. That way you won't have to worry and your payments always arrive on time!

If you just activated direct debit payment, you may still have to pay your next bill by bank transfer. This is because activation of direct debit payment takes a few days. You can easily check this under ‘Payment information’ on your bill.

Thanks to the My BASE app or My BASE, you can pay your bill in seconds. Click ‘Invoicing’ (in the app) or ‘Pay bill’ (on My BASE). Then follow the on-screen steps to pay your bill, and that's it! 

Content to be determined

Prefer to pay by bank transfer? The payment details and bank account number are also shown on your bills. Here are the details you will need:

  • For the structured remittance information please use the reference shown on your bill.
  • IBAN: BE15 0018 3201 2930
  • BIC or SWIFT code: GEBA BE BB


Note: If you specify a future payment date, be sure not to enter the same date that the bill payment is due. To ensure that your payment arrives on time and thus prevent your line from being blocked, enter a future payment date that is at least two days prior to the due date.

How can you receive your bills digitally (via email)?

Still receiving your statements by post, but prefer to get them in your inbox? Then it is time to switch to digital bills. It's simple, handy and quick. Read how to do it here.