PayByMobile: What is it and how does it work?

PayByMobile is a mobile payment method for digital purchases (e.g. apps, games, subscriptions, music, ...).  It is an easy way to pay online which you can use in many apps, on websites and online shops. The amounts of your purchases are simply added to your BASE bill.

Important: To use PayByMobile as a payment method, you must first activate it

Activating PayByMobile

BASE cooperates with four partners for which you can make mobile payments via your BASE bill (via PayByMobile): Google Play StoreApple App StoreMicrosoft Store and PlayStation Store. The procedure to activate PayByMobile is different for each partner

  1. Go to and click your profile icon.
  2. Click Payments and subscriptions > Payment methods > Add a payment method.
  3. Follow the on-screen steps to add a payment method to your Google account. 

Not working? Read the detailed activation steps.  

  1. Go to your iPhone settings.
  2. Tap the Apple ID.
  3. Select Payment & Shipping > Add Payment Method.
  4. Select Mobile Phone. 

Not working? Read the detailed activation steps.  

  1. Log into the Microsoft Store.
  2. Click Payment and billing > Payment options.
  3. On the screen, select Add a new payment method.
  4. Select Mobile billing and enter the required details. 

Not working? Read the detailed activation steps.  

  1. Log into the PlayStation Store.
  2. Click your online ID > Manage payments > Add a payment method.
  3. Add PayByMobile as payment method. 

Not working? Read the detailed activation steps.  

Setting a limit amount

For purchases made via PayByMobile, you can set a monthly maximum amount between €0 and €300. This limit is €125 by default. 

The maximum amount per purchase is €50 and cannot be raised. If you want to make a purchase for more than €50, we advise you to choose a different payment method.

Important: If you have never paid for anything with PayByMobile before, you can't set a limit or block yet.

PayByMobile in the My BASE app

Thanks to the My BASE app, you can quickly and easily manage your PayByMobile from anywhere: view your purchases, adjust your limit and much more. You will also find a handy overview of past payments and outstanding amounts. 

PayByMobile in the My BASE app? Go to ...

  • with a monhly plan:  Billing. 
  • with a prepaid card: Usage.

Don't you have the My BASE app yet? Then make sure to download it

Deactivating/blocking PayByMobile

Do you want to block PayByMobile? Go to ‘View and manage your PayByMobile’ in the My BASE app or on My BASE. Untick PayByMobile and click ‘Save’. 

More info about PayByMobile