Why are you switching me over to the digital bill/invoice?

Have you recently switched of tariff plan or did you buy a new BASE monthly plan? Then you may have automatically been switched to the digital bill/invoice (via sms/email). So you will no longer receive them by post.


At BASE we choose for the digital invoice/bill because we believe that it offers more benefits than the paper version.

  • You have more time to pay them;
  • You check and manage your bills/invoices wherever you are with the My BASE app or on My BASE;
  • Paying is as easy as 1-2-3 
  • Each bill/invoice contains a detailed overview of your usage (not available anymore for the paper bill/invoice);
  • You find a clear overview of your bills/invoices of the last 24 months in the My BASE app or on My BASE


In short, it's easyhandy and simply green! Read more abour the digital bill/invoice