All about 5G

What is 5G?

In December 2021, BASE and Telenet began rolling out the 5G network, the successor to 3G and 4G. 5G is the latest generation internet connection: 100% secure, super-stable and in the future up to five times faster. 

How does it work?

To use 5G you need three things:

  • 5G handset

Not all handsets can connect to the 5G network. Mainly newer handsets, such as the Samsung S21 or iPhone 12, are ready for this new technology. So it's a good idea to check whether your handset is capable of connecting to a 5G network.

Tip: Do you have an iPhone? Then make sure you have installed the latest iOS update!

  • Activation via the My BASE app

Open the My BASE app, click ‘More’ and then ‘5G’. There you will see whether 5G is activated for your monthly plan. The slider allows you to activate 5G whenever you like. It's up to you! Please note, prepaid customers or customers with a BASE 0 cannot activate this.

  • 5G-network

5G is not available everywhere in Belgium yet. But BASE is investing to make it available all over Belgium.

No 5G available where you are? Then your calls and mobile internet are automatically routed via the available 4G network.

Check here the map with our 5G coverage

As of April 18th 2022. But please keep in mind that this will be a step-by-step rollout. We expect our entire network to provide 5G coverage by 2025. After all, it will take quite some time before we have fitted all the masts with the necessary equipment.

Nothing. Just as with 4G and 3G, 5G is a network connection. You don't pay anything extra when you use it. 

Absolutely. 5G masts and the network are tightly controlled by all bodies concerned. So you can rest assured that they are secure. 

At the end of 2022, TADAAM started rolling out 5G-compatible modems. Existing customers who live in a 5G area will receive an email from TADAAM to exchange their modem at no cost. New TADAAM customers living in such an area will automatically receive the new type of modem.