How can I create/change my login for My BASE and the My BASE app?

To access My BASE and the My BASE app, you need a login. This consists of an email address and a password. If you link your mobile number to your email address, you can also log in with your mobile number.

Create my login

Have you just become a BASE customer? Then, as the contract holder, you will receive an email to create your login. Click the link in the mail and follow the steps. Once your login is created, you can fully manage your BASE services.

If you did not receive an invitation email, quickly create your login now! Afterwards, you will receive the mail.

As contract holder and manager of the account, you can add additional users and change their roles. They will then also have access to My BASE and My BASE app, but they will not be able to do things like make changes to the monthly plan or view bills/invoices.

  • Go to My BASE and log in.
  • Select Manage users > Invite new user.
  • Enter an existing email address for the new user. 

Important: Do not forget to link the user's mobile number. Otherwise, the user can log in with the email address but not with the mobile number and cannot see any products or usage for that mobile number.

  • Click Send invite. The new user will be emailed an invitation to create the login.

You do not need to receive a mail from the contract holder/manager to create a login as a user.

  • Go to the login page and select Don't have a login yet? Create one.
  • Enter a valid email address and your mobile number. That way we know which account you are associated with. 
  • Follow the steps.

Changing my login

If you link your mobile number to your login, you can see your usage and products. You link this when creating your login, but you can also do this afterwards. The manager can link a mobile number to a login. Once linked, both the mobile number and the email can also be used as the login.

  • Go to My BASEand log in.
  • Select Manage your users and select the user concerned.
  • Select View/change profile > Your linked services > Manage SIM cards

You can link multiple mobile numbers to the same login. You can then log in with any of these numbers using the same password.

Note: All these numbers have the same profile rights (manager or user).

Do you want a login to no longer have access to your household? Then the person can delete the login themselves. As a manager, you can also unlink the login. The user will then still be able to use the login, but it will no longer be linked to the original account. The user will also be unable to see products or details.

  • Go to My BASE and log in.
  • Select Manage your users and select the user concerned.
  • Select View/change profile > Profile settings > Unlink a profile from this account.

If you want to change your email address, you can do this yourself in My BASE.

  • Go to My BASEand log in.
  • Select Your profile > Profile settings > Change email to log in.
  • Enter your password that is requested as verification.
  • You will receive a confirmation mail at the new email address.
  • Validate your new email address via the mail.

You can make a user an administrator or vice versa. Read more about the various available roles and how to change them here.