Your new BASE login. What has changed?

You may have already noticed that both our login system and the My BASE app and My BASE have undergone a small metamorphosis. Having trouble finding your way in the new environment? No worries! We'll show you what has changed!

Managing your profile

From now on, you will have more options concerning your profile. You can manage and change your personal details, change your password or email address, and even add a nice profile picture or nickname.

Don't forget to link your mobile number to your profile. Then you can see your products and personal usage. An added benefit is that you can choose how you log in: with your email address or your mobile number.

We have also updated the user roles for your account. Find out what these roles are and how to manage them yourself.

Important: If you are the monthly plan contract holder, you must contact us to change your personal details. Other users and administrators can change their own details.

Changing your password or forgotten password

We have changed this too. You used to receive a temporary password from us via SMS. Now, you will receive an SMS with a security code on the mobile number you entered when creating the login. After entering the code, you can choose a new password. Read more about how to change your password.