Help! I can't activate my eSIM

Are you trying to activate your eSIM but are having a problem during the activation process? We'll help you get it sorted!

I can't scan the QR code

If you have you already scanned the QR code before, you want be able to do it again. You can use your eSIM only on one device at the same time.

Are you trying to scan the code for the first time? Check whether your device is compatible with eSIM. If not, contact us and we will help you switch to a physical SIM card again. 

I haven't received the QR code

  • You will receive the QR code at the email address you provided when ordering.
  • If you don't receive anything, be sure to check the spam folder in your mailbox.
  • Didn't find it? Contact us.

I chose to keep my number, but my number is not active yet.

  • It may take a few minutes before your number is active. Also remember to enter the PIN code for your eSIM once it's downloaded on your handset.
  • If you requested the eSIM at a BASE shop, first download your eSIM by scanning the QR code you received by email.

I haven't received the verification code What now?

  • We will send the code to the number on which you request your eSIM, so make sure you have access to this number.
  • Click ‘Code not received’, and we will send a new verification code to your number.

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