How can I remove the detailed overview on my invoice?

Only on your electronic invoices/bills you have a detailed overview of your calls, texts and data usage. If you still receive your invoices/bills on paper, you won't see those details on there anymore. 
You consult your electronic invoice/bill in the My BASE app or on My BASE

If you want to remove the details also from your electronic invoices/bills, you can do so by changing your invoice/bill settings in the My BASE app or on My BASE (deselect the option 'Itemized calls').

Please note: switching off the detailed overview (called “Itemized calls”) will be applicable on all your future invoices/bills. Once switched off, it’s not possible to obtain a detailed version of the invoices/bills you’ve received. You can switch to detailed invoices/bills later on again. Once the change is done, it will be only applicable on future invoices/bills.