All about voicemail

The Visual Voicemail app will disappear as from 11/04/2022. Make sure you download voicemail messages that you want to keep on your device in time. No worries: as from 11/04/2022, you can listen to and manage your voicemails right from the My BASE app.

Manage your voicemails easily and quickly? You can do this via the free My BASE app!

  • With an iPhone you can adapt your voicemail settings from the My BASE app. You can listen to the voicemails themselves via the Phone app, which is part of the standard iOS operating system. From the home screen of the My BASE app, tap 'More'.
  • As an Android user you can not only manage your voicemail settings via the My BASE app. You can also listen to, forward, save or download your messages directly there.

Don't have the My BASE app (yet)? Then you can also listen to your voicemail messages by calling 1933. Or manage them in your customer zone on